Dynamic Bike Fit

The right bike fit changes everything

The only thing better than a brand new bike is a brand new bike that has been professional fitted to you.

All too often, bike fitting is an afterthought, however we believe that a bike fit should be first part of the process when buying a new bike. A professional bike fit is the wisest long term investment a cyclist can make and we are proud to offer this service to all new bikes purchased.


The Fitting Process

We start the session with an in-depth discussion with you about your riding: your goals, how many hours a week you ride and any problems you are having.

The rider foot-bike interface is critical to bike fit. We focus a significant amount of time on sorting out your cleat position so the cleat is correct front/back and side to side; and also with the appropriate twist so your foot is in the centre of your pedal’s float. If necessary we will use wedges to correct the cant of your foot, and shims to correct structural or functional leg length discrepancies. Generally, wedging & shimming your cleats is a much more effective way of correcting alignment & leg length problems than using an insole or an orthotic.

Next we work with you on our Shimano dynamic fitting rig to get the following correct:

  • Saddle height
  • Saddle tilt
  • Saddle fore/aft
  • Reach 
  • Saddle to handlebar drop
  • Handlebar tilt
  • Lever positioning (and positioning of any aero bars)

At the end of the process you will have a drawing giving all the details of your new position. If you like you can reproduce this across any other bikes you may have – alternatively we are happy to do this.

Fitting is very much a process rather than a single intervention, and so the cost of fitting includes any follow-ups, which are necessary within the first 3 months

Please bring your bike, shoes (should be nice & stiff & very well fitting), a water bottle and summer weight cycling clothes (including shorts – we need to see your knees!)