Cipollini is a leader in the development and manufacturing of high end performance road bike entirely in carbon fiber.


An aggressive, rigid frame, which is still precise and flexible in descent. The bike is constantly growing in popularity among those looking for the highest performances without compromises, at a more contained price.  A comfortable, eclectic, balanced bike, perfect for long distances and steep climbs. 

Recommended for Gran Fondo riders and advanced amateurs.


MCM stands for “Mario Cipollini Custom Made”, designed and constructed on the basis of the individual rider’s exact biomechanical characteristics. The perfect tool to take on any challenge, made to measure by the Cipollini technical team. A modular bike with an innovative assembly system,
which is impeccable, extraordinarily agile and rigid. Customised carbon frame, ideal for those who want an artisanal bike tailored to them like the finest suit, with an optimum weight/rigidity ratio. 

Something truly unique, able to satisfy even the most demanding clients.