We think we have the best looking workshop ever and that’s important because (along with the best coffee) it puts our mechanics in a good mood as soon as they come into work. Happy mechanics = happy bikes

Service de Vélo runs a fully stocked technical excellence centre full time. Allowing you to book your bike in for a pre service inspection where you will be given a ballpark quote. Once you agree for the work to be done the bike will be transformed in our workshop and you will be notified as soon as it is completed.

Each service will include a partial or full strip down of component parts and a thorough clean in our dedicated washroom complete with eco parts washer. This means your bike will always be in peak condition and any potential issues will be spotted early. Service de Velo ensures that you will also benefit from smaller lead times with us in the workshop.

We feel each job is as unique as you and your bike. In order to give you a transparent overview of pricing for all activities carried out in our workshop, we have listed our sample menu below. All prices serve only as a guideline and can vary depending on the age, condition and type of bike



SDV PACKAGE 2 £69.95

Standard service with full eco clean of drivetrain. Gears and brakes tuned as new, bearing check, wheel truing and tyre pressure check.



SDV PACKAGE 1 £119.95

Full service with total strip down to frame set. Complete eco drivetrain degrease, gears tuned as new, full brake strip down and re-set as new, bearing check and re-grease, wheel truing and tyre pressure check.

Also includes a full bike wash, polish and Muc Off Uber wax.



Race prep, avoid spoiling that important sportive or charity ride by letting us prepare your bike and check its road worthiness.

Full bolt check and re lube.

SDV PACKAGE 3 £49.95

Great if your bike has been in the shed for a while. Entry service and safety check, basic gear tune, basic brake adjustment, bearing check, basic wheel truing and tyre pressures check.